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About Us

Founded by a Young Professional Couple who believed in the saying “Health is Wealth”. We believe that every human being has a social responsibility to ensure the wellness of the society. This business is started purely on the consideration of taking this generation back to natural and traditional practices that were followed by our ancestors

Our motive is to deliver the natural food products with best quality and affordable price in the market. Being an entrepreneur, we not only believed in delivering quality products but also in creating job opportunities, especially for women’s.


KOMBU Products to reach everyone’s KITCHEN


Deliver healthier food products in an affordable price and strive to achieve customer satisfaction

Food is Medicine – Healthy Life & Happy Heart

Our tradition strongly believes on the saying “Unnavey Marunthu” and “Marunthey Unavu”. But nowadays most of the food products available in the market are breaking the belief on the tradition saying “Unnavey Marunthu” and “Marunthey Unavu”.

In today’s world people have become more concerned about healthy lifestyle. People involved themselves in exercises and diet plans but has less awareness in consuming quality and naturally healthier products. Kombu Food Products aims in creating awareness among people. Our products ensure our customers are consuming the right foods that helps them in achieving their healthy lifestyle goals.

Support Agriculture

In recent times, the younger generation have become more concerned that agriculture in our country is perishing. These days educated youngsters have been more actively involving in agriculture related activities. Kombu Food Products highly appreciates those youngsters who indulge themselves in agri-farming where agriculture will always remain as backbone of indian economy.

Kombu Food Products directly supports the agriculture and farmers by bringing natural food products into the market.

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